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Trío "B3 Classic"

Clarinet, Cello and Piano Trio

Since its formation in 1992 this trio of clarinet, cello and piano has arrived to be one of the most stable, consolidated and well-known ensembles of this kind in Europe, and a reference in the present day musical panorama in Spain. "B3 Classic" draw attention to the history of the chamber music repertoire for these three instruments (they undertake valuable and creative investigative work) as well as involving itself in the more contemporary creation. The personal style of B3 Classic lays emphasis on an unusual sound combination by combining the piano with a string instrument (the cello) and a wind instrument (the clarinet), and the group actively promote the full history, largely unknown, of the chamber music repertoire for these three instruments, as well as inspiring contemporary composition.

The group initially received the support and guidance of international figures such as Boris Bermann, Jesse Levine, Carles Riera and John McCabe CBE. The public acknowledgement of their level started in 1995, when they participated in a recording with the ‘La Caixa’ Foundation and the record label ‘Opus 111’ of Paris. Since then they have given regular concerts across all Spain and in other countries of the European Union. The trio ‘B3 Classic’ offers the public an ample repertoire: individual performances featuring the outstanding works of the repertoire, special ‘theme’ concerts, special composer dedication concerts, well-conceived concerts put together as a series or cycle, or educational concerts (in Spanish and English).

B3 Classic received important success in the International Music Competition 'Pierre Lantier' of Paris where they were awarded a Grand Prix in 1997. In 1998 they visit Great Britain for the first time where concerts included the Cheltenham International Music Festival, and they also give the world premiere of the Suite "The World of the Sea" of Rodney Newton in London. In Spain they have given many national and international premieres including the 'Sonata for Trio' by John McCabe C.B.E., the trio Op.45 and the Serenade Op.73 of Robert Kahn, the trio in Eb Major by Adelbert Gyrowetz, the gran trio of Anton Eberl, the trio of Archduke Rudolf, and the trio 'Autumn Journeys' by Martín Zalba (and other pieces by him). Recently the group gave the world premiere of the 'English Suite' by Jonathan S. FeBland in Carcassonne (France) and also his 'Jazz Miniature Suite' in Valencia (Spain), and the 'Adagio' of Jorge Grundmann in Madrid.

The solid formation and experience of the trio 'B3 classic' has led them to become a firm part of the Spanish musical panorama by way of regular concerts and recitals booked by a diversity of public and private organizations. B3 Classic have recorded for Spanish National Radio (RNE Radio Clásica), Nice International Festival (France), The London Film Institute, Köln Rundfunk, Association Mozart Productions (France), Arlu Discos (Madrid), Julian Roberts Productions (Great Britain), four programmes of the series 'Nocturnos' for television 'Tele 5' (Spain), and a series of four concerts 'The change of century in chamber music' for National Spanish Television (TVE). At the present time they are contracted to make a series of CDs around the central theme 'Chamber Music Discoveries' produced by Warner Music Spain. The launch of the first CD was in December 2007, and all copies have been distributed in only two months, and in the Spanish iTunes this disc is frequently in the 'top 10' downloads of classical music (Spring 2008). The second disc - 'New Chamber Music Discoveries - promises to follow suit.

Their versatility shows itself in original compositions by each member and high quality transcriptions made collectively by the artists of the group - examples include works such as 'Trio Concertante' on West Side Story (Bernstein/B3 Classic) or 'Popular Miniature Suite' on 'Porgy and Bess' (Gershwin/B3 Classic). They are also open to other musical fields - for example, their participation in the festival "Actual" of Logroño (Spain), their collective work together on the C-D 'Entre Dos Mundos' with the 'Swinging Strings' of the Basque National Orchestra (San Sebastian), or the concerts with the multi-stylistic guitarist Gualberto of Seville. The group has a close involvement with the Foundation 'Non Profit Music' (Madrid). Their notable career together has brought them accolades such as what the prestigious Spanish classical music magazine Ritmo said of them: "Not only do they enjoy making music together but the artistic results are brilliant".

Joan Borràs – Clarinet
David Johnstone – Cello
Juanjo Albinyana – Piano

Additional Contacts
Apto. Correos No.7003, 31080 Pamplona / Navarra / España

The Opinion of the Critics – Recordings / Discs


CD Compact  (Sept 2008)
“The fantastic work of the B3 Classic Trio deserves all accolades. Not only for their investigation of forgotten repertoire of great quality, but also for an interpretation of the highest order, merits of the expertise of each one of the performers as well as, without doubt, carefully working the ‘ensemble’ which gives enormous interest to this new production of Warner; something that we very much hope continues in the future recordings of this formation.” 
                                                                                                              Pedro Burzaco


Scherzo (Sept 2008)
“The B3 Classic Trio round off an excellent work and do justice to four composers that, although somewhat over-shadowed by the biggest figures of their era, were producers of some good and interesting music.”

                                                                                                             José Guerrero Martín

Digital Magazine ‘Mundo Clásico’  (May 2008)
The five works which form the repertoire of this CD, in spite of their compositional dates, do not obey what we understand today is categorized under the name of ‘contemporary music’. All the works are tonal, with rhythms and harmonies that we could call traditional, and all are very agreeable to listen to, some with special charisma. They are true discoveries … above all the trio of Kahn, and for this reason the English title to the CD is very apt, in spite of this being a 100% Spanish production - and if only this could be exported with success …
It is a great merit for the trio to have ‘taken out of the grave’ the Trio, Op. 45 of Robert Kahn (1865-1951).
The interpretation of every work is impeccable, stylistically very correct, and of a refined sonorous quality. The sound recording, very well achieved: while listening to the recording one believes that the three musicians are right alongside, something which is especially welcoming in the field of chamber music.
 The fact that we have not heard more of them demonstrates, once again, what little interest is paid to chamber music so well played in Spain. So it should not surprise us that some of their major achievements have been gained in foreign countries.
And for those who do indeed like the intimate sonority of a trio of clarinet, cello and piano who play so well, this is a perfect occasion to spend a good time.
Recommended !!

                                                                                                             Juan Krakenberger    

Audio Clásica (June 2008)
“There is no doubt that to bring forth a disc of contemporary repertoire or with unknown material is always a commendable work and deserving of the highest praise. And, if this is done with fine performance quality and by means of a supportive foundation such is Non Profit Music then the merits of this can only magnify.”

                                                                                                              Francisco Parralejo Masa 

Discos Odisea (August 2008)
“A Chamber music trio with clarinet, cello and piano. They are specialists in the recuperation of important compositions from classical music which are not widely known but certainly deserve to be heard. Adalbert Gyrowetz, friend of Beethoven, Robert Kahn, a musician persecuted by the Nazi regime, Emil Hartman, and Pavel Juon, known as the Russian Brahms, are the creators who have penned down the pieces which this trio have performed in a marvellous disc.”

                                                                                                             O A.S.  

Opus Música (Sept 2008)
“The Record label  Warner Music Spain have edited two CDs with the trios of composers little known and fruitful during their professional lives. The first CD,  Chamber Music Discoveries unites twentieth Century composers who use a late-romantic writing with impressionist elements.  The second disc, New Chamber Music Discoveries spans a wider period and goes from the classical period to post-romanticism.
The beautiful water colour designs that accompany both CDs – an elevated train passing a New York street and the Entrance to the ‘Palau de la Música’ of Barcelona – reflect  correctly the inspired musical content of the included works, as does indeed the neatness and elegance of the interpretations by the B3 Classic Trio. This is chamber music which will give great pleasure, especially to the followers of the clarinet repertoire.”

                                                                                                             O Joaquín Zueras Navarro  

Confutatis – The Web of Music (Jan 2009)
“Excellent disc which has been released into the market from the hand of Warner. The B3 Classic Trio continues opening its path with an excellent recording of great stature, and which refreshes the horizons of chamber music by a recording of works by Gyrowetz, Hartmann and Paul Juon. The clarinet, cello and piano is all that is needed to recuperate not very well known scores, but ones that can reconcile us with the best of chamber music. This is an exquisite interpretation of music that deserves the chance to be rescued from the oblivion of concert programmers. It is really an eventful Discovery, and one that we recommend without any shadow of doubt.”



* = Premiere Español/Spanish Premiere
** = Estreno Mundial/World Premiere
*** = Obra dedicada al trío B3 Classic/work dedicated to the trio B3 Classic


** ALBINYANA Joanjo – En Dansa ***
                L’Olleria (Valencia) – Auditorio Goya


** ANGLES Pablo – ‘B3 Classic’ ***
                Benicarlo (Castellón) – Auditorio Municipal


                Logroño (La Rioja) – Auditorio Municipal


* EBERL Anton – Gran Trío en Mi b Mayor
                Logroño (La Rioja) – Auditorio Municipal


**FeBLAND Jonathan -  English Suite ***
                Carcassonne (Francia) – Festival International de St. Jacques d’Albas


** FeBLAND Jonathan – Miniature Jazz Suite ***
                Alcoi (Valencia) – Centro Cultural de la CAM


** FeBLAND – Raindrops ***
                Atarfe (Granada) – Casino de Labradores


** GARCIA DEL VALLE Jorge - 3 Miniaturas ***
                Logroño (La Rioja) – Festival ‘Actual’


** GRUNDMANN ISLA Jorge – Adagio
                Madrid – Centro Cultural Fuente del Berro


** GUALBERTO – Dialogos
                Logroño (La Rioja) – Centro Cultural Caja Rioja

* GYROWETZ Adelbert – Grand Trío Concertante Op.43
                Madrid – Centro Cultural ‘Maestro Alonso’


** JOHNSTONE David – Trio Sinfonico ***
                L’Olleria (Valencia) – Auditorio Goya


** JOHNSTONE David – Fantasy and Dance & The Golem Fantasia ***
                Morata de Tajuña (Madrid) – Centro Cultural Caja Madrid

* KAHN Robert – Trío en Sol Menor, Op.45
                Logroño (La Rioja) – Auditorio Municipal


* KAHN Robert – Serenade, Op.73
                Ontinyent (Valencia) – Conservatorio Profesional de Música


* McCABE John – Sonata para Trio
                León – auditorio ‘Angel Barja’


** NEWTON Rodney - Suite ‘World of the Sea’ 
                London (Gran Bretaña) – British Music Information Centre


* RIES – Trío en Si b Mayor
                Logroño (La Rioja) – Auditorio Municipal


* ZALBA Martín - 6 Piezas para Trío
                Pamplona (Navarra) – Centro Cultural Castillo de Maya


** ZALBA Martín – Trío ‘Viajes de Otoño’ ***
                Pamplona (Navarra) – Universidad Pública de Navarra



Joan  Borràs (Clarinet)

Born in Valencia, Joan Borràs studied in the Conservatoire of Valencia and in the Mozarteum of Salzburg, with scholarships from the Spanish Culture Ministry and the regional government of Valencia. His principal teachers have been J.V.Herrera, A.Prinz, and L.Rossi.

 He has been a prizewinner in the Pontarlier International Competition (France, 1991), and in Paris (1997) in the ‘Pierre Lantier’ International Competition. He worked as principal clarinet in the Valladolid Symphony Orchestra in 1988.  Since then he has participated with numerous ensembles and has played as soloist with the Orchestra of the Academie International of Pontarlier,  the Sinfonietta Académica, the Rioja Symphony Orchestra and the Basque National Orchestra.

 He is a member of chamber music groups such as the ‘Jacques Ibert’ Wind quintet, and collaborated with the ‘Cuarteto Clásico’ in quintets of Mozart and Weber.  However it is above all with the ‘B3 Classic’ trio where his chamber music activity is centred, having performed regularly across all Spain, and in France and Great Britain, in prestigious festivals such as Nice or Cheltenham.  His work with contemporary composers have resulted in him giving premieres of works by D.Johnstone, R.Newton, J.García del Valle, M.Zalba y J.McCabe. He has also given concerts in Switzerland, Austria, Hungary and Belgium.

A musician of solid foundation he is also presently continuing studying musicology.

He has recorded for Spanish National Radio, the London Film Institute,  the Nice International Festival , Spanish television ‘Tele5’, Spanish National TV (TVE)  and the record labels  Aus – Arts and  Arlu Records.

He gives lectures on a wide range of subjects, techniques and musicology of interest to musicians and especially clarinettists. His teaching experience includes duties at the Madrid Superior Conservatoire, and the Teresa Berganza Professional Conservatoire of Madrid. At the moment he is professor at the  “Adolfo Salazar” Conservatoire of Madrid.
In his concertsJoan Borràs plays the Buffet Tosca clarinets.


David Johnstone  (Violoncello)
David Johnstone is considered one of the most creative and interesting string players in the Iberian peninsula today, combining a career as a wide-ranging cellist with composition.
He is a member of the international concert trio B3 Classic (clarinet – cello – piano) and Neofusion (based around cello and accordion with Javier López Jaso), amongst others. He displays a great versatility which enables him to work and participate as a cellist in many, and very varied musical activities.
Although British by birth, and formerly working in British symphony orchestras (including the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the London Concert Orchestra and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales), he has for well over a decade been principal cellist of the ‘Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarra’ of Spain, and a composer with a specialization for string instruments and/or lighter classical musical writing.  He also specializes in writing string orchestral pieces that are well within the capabilities of youth and conservatoire orchestras. Within the cello world, his manual ‘Cadenzas and Cadences’, and the variety of ‘well playable’ virtuoso solo cello pieces, are considered some of the most valuable contemporary contributions in this field.  He has made many transcriptions for solo cello, cello and piano, and multi-cello groups ranging from duos up to cello orchestras. His successful web page johnstone-music is:


Joanjo Albinyana  (Piano)

            Born in Olleria (Valencia) he started piano studies in the Academia “Ad Artem” under the supervision of Margarita Roda. His advanced studies were in the Valencia Superior Conservatoire and the Escuela  Superior of Música ‘Jesús Guridi’ in Vitoria with Albert Nieto. 

He has undertaken further classes with José Francisco Alonso, and has received tuition in music courses and masterclasses with the following artists: José Francisco Alonso, Angel Berrocal, Ana Fujita, Kioko Ozawa, Mitsui Izumi, Arie Vardi, Frédèric Gevers, and Boris Bermann. 

            He has given recitals as soloist in Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Austria, and he has gained a prestigious reputation in chamber music recitals accompanying flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horn, singing, saxophone, violin, cello and with the group Jacques Ibert.  However, above all, he is a founding member of the international concert trio ‘B3 Classic’, receiving accolades for his work with them.    

Intending to be the ‘all-round’ musician, he has also studied conducting (both choral and orchestral) with José Francisco Alonso.  During a period he was the conductor of the  ‘Liberto Benet’  String Orchestra, the large choir ‘Orfeón Logroñes’, and the Rioja Philharmonic Orchestra. 

           A few years ago he was the head of the Piano department at the ‘La Rioja’ Conservatoire, and even more recently was the Principal of the Ontinyent Professional Music Conservatoire in Valencia where he is now a piano professor, thus being able to dedicate more of his time to the concert platform.





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