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    [18/05/2015] - Virtuoso violin work on Radio Clasica
    [18/04/2015] - Johnstone plays modern pieces on the cello
    [12/04/2015] - Wagner for 6 Cellos and 2 Double basses
    [11/04/2015] - Titanic "Rose" Fantasy-Sonatina - 3 Cellos
    [01/04/2015] - Johnstone plays his own piece "Intima"
    [31/03/2015] - 2 Cello pieces of Faure played by Johnstone!
    [21/03/2015] - International Bach Day BACH IN THE SUBWAYS
    [19/03/2015] - The Accordion Masters - Accordion Orchestra


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Prepared by Silvia Abaigar Ballaz

David Johnstone supports animal rights, is against any form of abuse towards them, and says ‘No’ to bullfighting – click here to see more …

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Sponsors (Colaboradores) de johnstone-music

Luis Lorenzana(violoncellista)
Pamplona, Navarra
  Asun Vidal (Profesora de Música)
Aibar, Navarra

Javier López Jaso
(Jazz Accordion Soloist & Professor)
Pamplona, Navarra
Polycelli – Cello Quartet
Yorkshire, England

Rodolfo Zanni
(Cellist, Cello Professor & Bandoneon player)
Barcelona-Tarragona (Spain)

Jonathan FeBland

London-based Composer published by Universal Edition who works in a wide range of different genres.

Webs: &

Patxi Atozki

Luthier, specialized in the sale of string instruments, accessories and restoration of violins, violas, cellos and double basses (Pamplona, Spain).


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