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  A musical universe of photos, covers and interesting illustrations.

By way of a graphic recompilation, you can find in this section a selection of images related with the musical activity of It includes CD covers, images from concerts...


A display of the various formations in which David Johnstone participates

B3 Classic
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David Johnstone
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David Johnstone
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David Johnstone performing
in modern concert
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B3 Classic
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David Johnstone

David Johnstone
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"B3 Classic"

Ballet "El paseante Ocioso"
with "Gala Strings"
David Johnstone with Joaquin Taboada and
Stultifera Navis

David Johnstone with Joaquin Taboada and
Stultifera Navis
David Johnstone in Recital David Johnstone in the Recording Studio 'The Song of the Bass Instruments' (Homage to Mozart)
"B3 Classic" David Johnstone "Noche de Akelarre" (The Witches)
David Johnstone, Tele 5 TV B3 Classic recording for Warner Music David Johnstone
"B3 Classic" B3 Classic in France (Carcassonne)  
David Johnstone and the CAmerata Cambrensis


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A display of leaflets and programmes


  Música creativa - Johnstone Music

x Concerts and performances

x Composition and special projects with the cello

x New frontiers/cross-over/fusion

x Celtic and folk music


  European Music Day in Calahorra

x Musical show `Music of the Witches`

  "Pablo Sarasate" Conservatoire Orchestra

x Concerto for accodion and orchestra

  Camerata Cambrensis

x Symbols and shadings

  Kempston & Biddenman Internacional music festival

x David Johnstone - cello recital

  Camerata Cambrensis

The English Romantic

  Sinfonietta Académica

Spring and Easter

  Trio B3 Classic

l´Olleria Town Hall

  Navarre, Turism and Culture


  New casino

Concert "Miniatures for accordion" David Johnstone

  Camerata Cambrensis

The seven last words of Christ

  Centro cultural Ibercaja


x Jazzing in the Golden Century

  Cello Concert

Cultural Week 2007

  Trio B3 Classic

Cultural Society, Musical Friends of Ceuta 

  Trio B3 Classic

West Side Story

  VII Septiembre Musical

Infrequent music. Santillana del Mar

  Música Navarra y Riojana Actual

Performance: David Johnstone

  B3 Classic

Clarinet, cello and piano trio

  David Johnstone - Violoncello and Creative Music

Compositions & Recordings. Specialization in String Music

  Concierto David Johnstone - Violonchelo

"Músicas de hoy entre La Rioja y Navarra"
  Homage to Astor Piazzolla, SENSACIONES

Neofusión - Tango
   Pierrot Lunar, op. 21 see+

Arnold Schönberg

Music inspired in poems of Albert Giraud

Drama based on letters of Arnold Schönberg

Narrator/Recitalist: Itziar Álvarez

Instrumental Group; Roberto Casado (flauta/flautín), Jorge Nagore (clarinete/bass clarinet), Suavek Arszyñki (violín/viola), David Johnstone (violonchelo) y Francesca Croccolino (piano)

   An informal concert of virtuoso music

Bravo Minsky

"Pop-Classic and Jazz-Classic for Cello Solo with David Johnstone"

   The Pirates

Musica by David Johnstone

Text by Pablo Salaberri

Direction by Pablo Ramos

  Music in Autumn see+

Pamplona Town Hall

Concierto de cámara "Mar del Plata" for solo Accordion and String Orchestra

Sinfonía Concertante, for solo Recorder and String Orchestra

   Premiere of works for Intermediate Accordion level Jesús Garisoain and David Johnstone

Jesús Garisoain and David Johnstone
  St. Jacque´s Way : music of a Millenium see+

Caixa Galicia Foundation

David Johnstone, Poetry in the Pilgrimage

   Morning Matinees "Cubano Strings" see+

Hotel NH Iruñea Park of Pamplona

Musical arrangements , David Johnstone

   Homage to J.S Bach

The integral of the Six Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach and the "Piezas Bachianas" of Martín Zalba.

David Johnstone, Cello

Official Sponsors johnstone-music

Casa Rural – Casa Petra

Aizoain (cerca/nr Pamplona) - Concédete unos días diferentes y anima a tus familiares y amigos a compartir y disfrutar de la magia de Casa Petra. Capacidad: 10 + 2


Patxi Atozki

Luthier, specialized in the sale of string instruments, accessories and restoration of violins, violas, cellos and double basses (Pamplona, Spain).

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