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David Johnstone. Johnstone-Music
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Price: FREE, as a download in johnstone-music (MegaUpload)

¡Virtuoso pieces for solo cello; original compositions of Johnstone played by Johnstone. Hear the possibilities of a solo cello!

Johnstone-Music 1 Journey in Gigue
Johnstone-Music 2 Scherzo
Johnstone-Music 3 Satanic Dance
Johnstone-Music 4 Towards Eternity
Johnstone-Music 5 Graphic Design
Johnstone-Music 6 Spiral Perpetuum
Johnstone-Music 7 Fantasy on a Brazilian Theme
Johnstone-Music 8 Pilgrim’s Rest (in Estella)
Johnstone-Music 9 Concert Fantasy on ‘Danny Boy’
Johnstone-Music 10 Adios Nonino, in the form of a Concert Caprice

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"AUTUMN” Clarinete – Violoncello - Piano

B3 Classic Trio. Non Profit Music Foundation
Reference: JM 67 CD Price: 20€ (with grand booklet, but available for less tan half the Price in i-tunes, Amazon downloads etc)

More gems for the clarinet trio!  Two major works – the trio of Brahms and the 8 Pieces of Max Bruch.
The B3 Classic Trio releases their third work Autumn with works of Brahms and Bruch for clarinet, cello and piano, which appears together for the very first time in SACD format. Released in Multichannel and Hybrid format it contains the Eight Pieces, Op. 83 by Max Bruch (1838-1920) and the Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano in A minor, Op. 114 by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897). Released in a luxury Digibook format with 30 pages, contains three layers: stereo compatible CD, stereo in SACD and Multichannel SACD. This SACD will be available worldwide through Amazon, Arkivmusic and Albany, and in Spain through Diverdi. Also, the digital format will be available for download through more than 400 digital stores, included iTunes. You will be able, also, to hear completely online through Spotify 
The disc comes with a spectacular booklet.    


Johnstone-Music 1-8   8 Pieces, Op. 83 (1910) Max Bruch
Johnstone-Music 9-12 Trío en La menor, Op. 114  Johannes Brahms  

Buy: €20

"ALGO PARA CADA UNO” (Something for Everyone)   Violoncello Solo

David Johnstone. Johnstone-Music
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Price: FREE,  as a download in johnstone-music (MegaUpload)

Virtuoso pieces for cello; original compositions of Johnstone, other melodies in special versions by Johnstone, and works of other composers dedicated to him.  Hear the possibilities of a solo cello! 


Johnstone-Music1 El Cant dels Ocells (Song of the Birds)   Catalan, version by Johnstone 
Johnstone-Music2 Danny Boy   Irish, version by Johnstone
Johnstone-Music3  Danzas de Galicia     Johnstone
Johnstone-Music4/5  Sonata for Violoncello Solo   Enrique Aragón Sancho  
Johnstone-Music6  Capricho (Caprice)     Joaquín Taboada   
Johnstone-Music7  Pour le Chant du Solitude     Enrique Aragón Sancho  
Johnstone-Music8  Jovial Sebastian Bach    Johnstone
Johnstone-Music9  Legato  Blues   Johnstone

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"ADIOS  NONINO” Accordion and Cello

Neofusion Duo. Zeta Audiovisuales
 Reference: JM 66 CD Price: 16€

¡Homage to Carlos Gardel with works of Gardel and Piazzolla, and other unusual items of great interest. 
A master combination of the possibilities of the accordion – cello duo! 


Johnstone-Music1  Adios Nonino  (Duo) PIAZZOLLA/BRAGATO 
Johnstone-Music2  Improvisation on Libertango (solo Accordion) PIAZZOLLA
Johnstone-Music3  Fantasia para Nahia (solo Accordion) LÓPEZ JASO
Johnstone-Music4  Vivencias (Duo) LÓPEZ JASO  
Johnstone-Music5  Le Petit Tango (solo Violoncello)  JOHNSTONE
Johnstone-Music6  Bulerias (solo Violoncello)  ESCUDERO 
Johnstone-Music7  Por una Cabeza (Duo)  GARDEL
Johnstone-Music8  El Día que me quieres  (Duo)  GARDEL

Buy: €16

"NEW CHAMBER MUSIC DISCOVERIES for Clarinet, Violoncello and Piano"

 Trío "B3 Classic". Warner Music Spain
 Reference: JM 52 CD Price: 18€

More gems from the clarinet trio formation! One work (Gyrowetz) is on the frontier between the classical and romantic periods, and there are three beautiful fully romantic works, which as like the previous CD, are hardly known to the normal concert-goer.


1-3 Grand Trio Concertante en E b Major, Op.43 (1805) Adelbert GYROWETZ
4-6 Serenade in A Major, Op.24 (1877) Emil HARTMANN
7-10 Trio Miniatures, Op.18 & Op. 24 (1918) Paul JUON
11. Serenade, Op.73 (1923) Robert KAHN

Price: €18 - see notes later below

"CHAMBER MUSIC DISCOVERIES for Clarinet, Violoncello and Piano"

 Trío "B3 Classic" Warner Music Spain.
 Reference: JM 51 CD Price: 18€

Unknown gems (almost!) from the repertoire of the trio with clarinet. Includes the wonderful trio in G Minor of Robert Kahn (1906), and melodic contemporary works by Jonathan FeBland, Rodney Newton, Jorge Grundman y David Johnstone.


1-3 Trio in G mInor, Op.45 (1906) Robert KAHN
4-6 English Suite (2007) Jonathan Socrates FeBLAND
7-13 Suite ‘World of the Sea’ Rodney NEWTON
14. Adagio (2005) Jorge GRUNDMAN
15. Fantasy and Dance (from ‘Dr. Vesalius’) David JOHNSTONE

Price: €18 - see notes later below. Also available from Warner Music (Spain) and record shops.


 Gala Strings (Gala Quartet).
 Reference: JM 46 CD Price:15*buy

Original compositions of David Johnstone. Romantic and nationalistic pieces for String Quartet, String Trio and String Duo. The principal work is ‘European Journeys in String Quartet’


- Quartets -
1. Fanfare for Europe
2. English Serious Frolic
3. Slavonic Song
4. Poem for the Basque Country
5. Mediterranean Skies
6. Song of the Fiords
7. Saxon March
8. Spanish Sarabande
9. Celtic Tarantella
- Trios -
10. Celtic Celebration
11. Song for Her
- Duos -
12. Prélude Baroque
10. Chant Romantique
11. Marche Neo-classique

 B3 classic "Live"

 Trío B3 Classic.
 Reference: JM 04 CD Price:15*buy

The clarinet, cello and piano trio “B3 CLASSIC” present classical, romantic and impressionist works, recorded live in concert, and offered without any cuts or musical retouches. This is a document of the highest musical value showing the splendid progress of this trio.


David Johnstone 1-3. Trio in B flatl Major, Op.11. L.V.Beethoven (Audio)
David Johnstone 4-6. Three pieces for Trio (1997). M.Zalba
David Johnstone 7-10. Trio in B flat Major, Op.29. V.D’Indy(Audio)

Price: 15€  -  see notes later below



 Virtuoso Pop-Classic and Jazz-Classic Music for Solo Cello

 Performed by David Johnstone.
 Reference: JM 03 CD Price: 15€ *buy

As we move inside the 21st century the ability to compose, transcribe, arrange, and minimally improvise will become more important. Otherwise computer and electronic sounds might sweep us away. The cello has a future in other fields apart from the wonderful classical masterpieces. This disc is another step along this much-needed road.



David Johnstone 1-10. Ten American Cello Etudes (American popular pieces). A.Minsky (Audio)
David Johnstone 11. Swing. Low Sweet Chariot. Baez/Johnstone (Audio)
David Johnstone 12. Fantasy abaout ‘Yesterday’. Beatles/Johnstone (Audio)
David Johnstone 13. Ensueño ….. M.Andrés
David Johnstone 14-16. Suite “I’d rather be in Philadelphia”
(Yo preferiría estar en Filadelfia). P.Rose
David Johnstone 17-20. Four popular pieces. D.Johnstone (Audio)

Price: 15€  -   see notes later below



 Homage to Astor Piazzolla.
 Reference: JM 02 CD Price: 15€ Spain / 18€ Rest of world. *buy

Neofusión – Tango (Quintet)

Javier López Jaso (Accordion), David Johnstone (Cello), Rafaella Acella (Violin), Angelo Vieni (Violin) y Fernando López Garcín (Viola)

This present work arises out of an individual homage to the remembrance of the tenth anniversary of the death of Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992). Therefore it is normal that this disc should revolve around the Tango, the all-important genre of the Argentine composer. Two works of Piazzolla, one of them "Le Grand Tango" a fundamental piece in his repertoire, and another less well-known "Five Tango Sensations" (1989) are accompanied by compositions of Albeniz, Bragato, Luis de Pablo, Miquel Ortega i Pujol, and the offering of the cellist David Johnstone.



David Johnstone 1-3. Le Grand Tango (Accordion + cello). A.Piazzolla (Audio)
David Johnstone 4. Tango (Accordion).I.Albéniz
David Johnstone 5. Tango (Accordion) Pablo
David Johnstone 6. Tango (cello.M.Ortega i Pujol
David Johnstone 7. Tango Concierto (violoncello). D.Johnstone (Audio)
David Johnstone 8. Impresionista-tango (Accordion + violoncello). J.Bragato
David Johnstone 9-13. Five Tango Sensations (accordion + string quartet). A.Piazzolla (Audio)

Price:  15€ Spain / 18€ rest of world.
 Entre dos mundos

 Original popular and light classical music for string orchestra.
 Reference: JM 01 CD Price: 15€ *buy

‘Swinging Strings’ of the Basque National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Caroline Collier, plays the music of David Johnstone

David Johnstone’s works for string orchestra on this disc follow two distinct tendencies: some pieces are on the frontier between classical music and pop, and others lean more towards romantic film music.


David Johnstone 1. Viaje en el topo. Anything for You (Audio)
David Johnstone 2. Swinging Strings
David Johnstone 3. Calling C.C.
David Johnstone 4. Amara, Donostia. Wishful Thinking (Audio)
David Johnstone 5. Perpetuum mobile, para solo Violín y Cuerda solista: Waldemar Machmar (Audio)
David Johnstone 6. Poema de Amor, for solo Clarinet & strings soloist: Joan Borrás
David Johnstone 7. Zapateado de San Fermin, for solo Flute & strings soloist: Roberto Casado
David Johnstone 8. Orio. Violin Company (Audio)
David Johnstone 9. Pleasing Pizzicatos
David Johnstone 10. Resurrection (Audio)
David Johnstone 11. Walking to Heaven with the Masters (Audio)
(In memoriam Cristophe Migdula)

Price:   15€  -  see notes later below


Information about the purchase of these discs:

Within  Spain, by ‘reembolso’  for the price of the CD plus 3€ euros
packaging and posting, by writing to:
            31080 Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

In the rest of the world from Creighton’s Collection, details as follows:
CREIGHTON’S  COLLECTION, 244 Cathedral Road,
Cardiff,   CF11 9JG, Wales, Great Britain
Tel: (+44) 29 – 2039 – 7711 (from within G.B. 029-2039-7711)
Or by Internet: o



A CD of virtuoso jazz vocal music for 6 voices and jazz piano trio.



David Johnstone played the 5 part cello introduction in the following track:
Johnstone-Music 1 Roxanne

Sales: Not available from Johnstone-Music. Contact ‘Errabal’ or Mikel Gaztelurrutia (

Reference: ER 031


A CD produced by UNAC (Union of Accordionists of Spain) – with ‘Modern, Folk, and Varieté’ music featuring numerous Spanish accordionists.


David Johnstone played in the following track:

David Johnstone 15. La Profecía del Minotauro

Sales: Not available from Johnstone-Music. Contact the ‘UNAC’  (

Reference: UNAC003


Works by: Atterberg, Umebayashi, Hurd, Finzi, Grundman, Pärt, Shostakovich, Johnstone, Iglesias.



Ara Malikian, violin/Artistic Direction
José Ángel Vélez, viola
Dragos Balan, violoncello
Non Profit Music Chamber Orchestra
Johnstone’s piece ‘Resurrection’, for String Orchestra is included as track No. 15

Sales: Not available from Johnstone-Music.
Contact ‘Warner Music Spain’ or record shops

Reference: WEA 5101183462

  Con los Nueve Sentidos (“With the nine senses”)

A book and a CD produced by the humanitarian organization ‘Medicus Mundi’ in a collection of stories relating to their work. Members of the ‘Gala’ String Quartet (Daniel Francés-Violin, Fernando López Garcín-Viola and David Johnstone-cello) perform in the entire disc:


DAVID JOHNSTONE plays the cello in the following numbers:

David Johnstone 1-3 Trio No.1 for String Trio – J.Grundman
David Johnstone 4-6 Trio No.2 for String Trio – J.Grundman
David Johnstone 7-9 Trio No.3 for String Trio – J.Grundman

Sales: Not available from Johnstone-Music.
Contact the organization ‘Medicus Mundi’ or the composer Jorge Grundman


  Capricho Sinfonico

One CD and two DVDs of the Concert-Show ‘Pamplona – City of Everyone’ which was held at the Barañain Auditorium in Navarre, directed by Fran Idareta and Enrique Ugarte. David Johnstone played in the following tracks:


DAVID JOHNSTONE plays the cello in the following numbers:

David Johnstone 1 – La Profecía del Minotauro
David Johnstone 8 – Invasión Arabe
David Johnstone 10 – Infernuko Hauspokada Sorgindua

Sales: Not available from Johnstone-Music. Contact the ‘Etxe-Ondo’ Production.

Reference: ETX 801DVD


   A CD of John Kelly and Maite Itoiz produced by Mike Ungefehr. David Johnstone plays in the following track:




David Johnstone 7 Scandals

Sales: Not available from Johnstone-Music.
Contact the Production at ‘’.

  Basque-Navarre Composers

  Instrumental and Vocal music written by Basque-Navarre contemporary composers, all of whom are members of the Association of Basque-Navarre Composers. David Johnstone plays the cello in the following work:



DAVID JOHNSTONE plays the cello in the following numbers:

Cuarteto Heterogéneo, for Flute, Clarinet, Cello and Piano (1994) of Jaime Berrade

Sales: Not available from Johnstone-Music.
Available from the Association of Basque-Navarre composers.

  Chamber music of Martín Zalba

 Chamber music by the Spanish - Navarre composer Martín Zalba with a variety of groups and  soloists. David Johnstone plays the cello in the following numbers.



DAVID JOHNSTONE plays the cello in the following numbers:

David Johnstone 1. Cantos del Camino, for Violoncello Solo
David Johnstone 5-8. Trío para Clarinete, Violoncello y Piano
" Viajes de Otoño" (1998) interpretado
por el Trío "B3 Classic"

Price: Not available from Johnstone-Music. Available from Arlu Discos (Madrid), Tecnosaga, by direct contact with   Martín Zalba, or from specialist  record shops in Spain.  See the section ‘Links’ of  Johnstone-Music.

Reference: AD021CD

 La Caja de Bombones (‘The Chocolate Box’)

Music performed by the Orchestra ‘Sinfonietta Académica’ of Pamplona (Spain), conducted by Caroline Collier; features some ‘favourite classics’ (melodies of Bach, Pachelbel, Telemann, Walton, J.Strauss, Mascagnini, Marcello, y Albinoni).




Johnstone’s piece ‘Swinging Strings’, for String Orchestra, is included as track No.7

Sales: Not available from Johnstone-Music.
Contact the Orchestra  ‘Sinfonietta Academica’of Pamplona

 Concierto Per S. Chiara

Live performance in Italy recorded by the ‘Orquesta de Cámara Xavier’ of Pamplona, (Spain), conducted by Hernando Deheza, with special motive “ 1253-2003: Settecentocinquanta Anni Dalla Morte di S. Chiara D’Assisi”. A religous and secular program.




A small work of Johnstone based on the melody ‘Nel nome del Signore’ is included as track No. 10.

Sales: Not available from Johnstone-Music.
Contact the Orquesta de Cámara ‘Xabier’ de Pamplona

  Festival International de Musique Classique de Nice

 Chamber music of the composers Ludwig Van Beethoven and Robert Schumann. The clarinet-cello-piano trio ‘B3 Classic’ (Joan Borràs – David Johnstone – Joanjo Albinyana) are found in the following numbers:



DAVID JOHNSTONE plays the cello in the following numbers:

David Johnstone 1 – 3 Trio in B b Major, Op.11 – L.V.Beethoven

Comprar: Not available from Johnstone-Music.
Available from the Compania Société Sun Bus Records, of the Association Mozart, Francia

Reference: DCJ 00297

The following ORIGINAL WORKS of David Johnstone have been recorded for television in the form of a live concert:

David Johnstone Fantasy-Sonatina, for Flute and Piano. Tele 5, Madrid

David Johnstone Zapateado of San Fermin, for Flute and Piano. Tele 5, Madrid

David Johnstone Danzas Virtuosas for Solo Violoncello. Introduction (Sarabande) and Gigue / The Prisioner (Danza Virtuosa No.2) / Danzas de Galicia (Galician Dances). Tele 5, Madrid

David Johnstone Suite “The Witches of Zugarramurdi”, for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Violoncello. Tele 5, Madrid

David Johnstone Sonata de Cámara “Mar del Plata”, for Accordion and string quartet. Tele 5, Madrid

David Johnstone Petite Suite Historique, for Viola and Violoncello. Tele 5, Madrid

David Johnstone Piezas Románticas, for Piano solo. Tele 5, Madrid

David Johnstone Trío Sinfónico, for Clarinet, Cello and Piano. Televisión Española (TVE), La Rioja, España

David Johnstone Tango Concierto, for Cello and Accordion. Tele 5, Madrid.


  David Johnstone has participated in the following films/documentaries as described below each entry:  

David Johnstone Enterrados hasta las rodillas. Short Film (9') directed by Alex Ortega. Composer

David Johnstone BIENVENIDO A FAREWELL-GUTMANN (WELCOME TO FAREWELL-GUTMANN). Short Film directed by Xavi Puebla and produced by Quimelca PC, with Film music componed by Mikel Salas. Performer

David Johnstone El Album Blanco (The White Album). Short film (12’) directed and produced by Felix Viscarret, with film music composed by Mikel Salas. Performer

David Johnstone The Second Name. Film (90’) produced by Castelao Productions, directed by Paco Plaza, with film music composed by Mikel Salas. Performer

David Johnstone Lorca. Film (25’) of Iñaki Elizalde with film music composed by Mikel Salas. Performer

David Johnstone Dr. Vesalius. Animation (6’) Julian Roberts Productions with the London Film Institute. Composer

David Johnstone Agurra. Short Film (3’) of Iñaki Elizalde and Patxi Laborda with film music by Mikel Salas. Performer

David Johnstone The Plague. Animation (5’) Julian Roberts Productions for television Channel 4 , Great Britain . Special invitation in the film festivals of Ankara (Turkey), London, Edinburgh, and Krok (Ucraine). Composer

David Johnstone Dr. Morse. Drama Series for British television. Performer (various programmes)

David Johnstone Loss Adjuster. Short Film (10’) Julian Roberts Productions. Award Winner in the Chicago Film Festival. Arranger – Performer

David Johnstone Over Here, Over There. Documentary Series for B.B.C. 1 Television. Performer (in every programme)

David Johnstone Cross-Bones. Series of 6 Short Animation Films (total 35’). Julian Roberts Productions for television Channel 4, Great Britain. Composer

David Johnstone The Golem. Animation Film (5’) Julian Roberts Productions for television Channel 4, Great Britain.  Award Winner in the Cracow Film Festival. Composer

David Johnstone Criminal Justice. Animation Film (5’). Julian Roberts Productions. Improviser – Performer

Johnstone has participated from time to time in other recordings for television and radio in the music of other composers. In this section one might note the many recordings made for the B.B.C. Schools Educational Programmes produced by Douglas Coombes.


...discography and recordings

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