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Throughout history a number of interesting books have been published on the Cello - its origins, the performers, the makers/luthiers, and the repertoire. However, when reference is made to cellists they are almost always classified and organized according to national music 'schools'. There has always been a necessity to see a real list of those contemporary cellists in each era in chronological form, with details of professional positions or activities, and this is exactly what johnstone-music offers with this unique presentation.


Many people will probably simply browse with curiosity through this wonderful list of cellists who had such important careers in their time. However, it's always a good idea to be able to do an easy search for a particular cellist that interests you! All individual inclusions of this library of cellists are in chronological order, following the order of the year of death. Why this method, and not by the more commonly used birth-year as a guide? Well, some cellists were child prodigies and already famous in their teens, whilst others took several decades before establishing themselves. Some enjoyed a very long life, such as Pau Casals, and were very active after reaching 65 years old - others unfortunately did not even reach 65 years old. That is to say that sometimes cellists of a same birth year often did not coincide musically at all. Therefore this present system is probably a more accurate guide of their real working periods and their musical influences.

The chances are that you will probably not know exactly where to find the cellist you are searching for, though you probably know his/her musical period. Therefore, each volume gives all names with life-spans of a particular period at the beginning in alphabetical order, and from this you will be easily able to ascertain the relevant year for a more detailed entry. If the cellist that you are looking for is not where you imagine it to be, then try the previous or following period/volume. Enjoy!

The order of text information is as follows: it should be obvious to follow!

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Please PLEASE help us fill in many details still missing of this on-going project - this survey of world famous cellists is UNIQUE . we need YOUR help to make this as complete as possible! Write to with any useful information. We will incorporate your information in periodic revisions (generally three-monthly), and will even give your name a quick mention alongside the cellist in question (unless not desired!).


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