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CELLO (Articles - Interviews - Press)

CELLO (Articles - Interviews - Press)


Johnstone-music is very pleased to freely offer these articles in two sections - some in "general musical themes" and others of the "cello", written by a wide range of professional musicians and other people related with the profession. These are included in PDF form. One can read, print out, or download any writing . simply make a "click" to gain access to the document.

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Articles - Interviews - Press

Johnstone-music wishes to welcome, and thank, the generous contribution of any interested collaborator; if possible, these should not be of more than 3,000 words. Full credit will be given to the author on the titles list, and in the introduction to the article itself (with contacts and/or web site links added if desired). Of course, it should be noted that johnstone-music does not have to necessarily agree with everything expressed in any article, and is not legally responsible for any point of view, omission or error etc.

If you write to us (directly to: we will try to include your article in periodic updates, and in this moment we will also give your name credit in the news of johnstone-music in the Web.

...enjoy the music!

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Casa Rural – Casa Petra

Aizoain (cerca/nr Pamplona) - Concédete unos días diferentes y anima a tus familiares y amigos a compartir y disfrutar de la magia de Casa Petra. Capacidad: 10 + 2


Patxi Atozki

Luthier, specialized in the sale of string instruments, accessories and restoration of violins, violas, cellos and double basses (Pamplona, Spain).

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